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Your perfect beachwear

Match your body shape with the perfect bikini or swimsuit

We all want to look amazing on the beach. We are all different as a woman and we are all beautiful in our own unique way. We want you to feel at your best in our swimwear. Follow the steps below and it will help you to pick your perfect beachwear. find out the items that strengthen your shapes and covers the points you like less. You will look irresistible! If you need more help in fitting and sizing please contact the expert Kimberly!

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Grafiek body shapes.png

Start with following this table below to find out your body type


The 8 shape or Hourglass shape 

The 8 shape is one of the two hourglass shaped body types 8 and X. The characteristics of een 8 shape: shoulders and hips are basically the same width and a clearly narrow waist. What is the difference with an 8 and an X shape? The 8 shape carries her weight at the high hip, just under the waist, rather than the low hip/thigh area which is where the X shape carries hers. Basically the rounding of an 8 shape starts from the bottom of her ribs to her hips.

Gorda Navy Mazy Bikini_F_edited.jpg
The Gorda Triangle bikini to accentuate forms
Schermafbeelding 2022-02-01 om 15.12.19.png
The Brussels for more coverage.  V -neckline accentuates shape.

Famous women with an 8 shaped body 

Scarlet Johanson is a typical hourglass, type 8. You can see her round forms start from her waist clearly. An hourglass figure can wear basically everything as she is very feminine with her roundings. Though she might want to cover some roundings we love to embrace them! To accentuate her shape we recommend triangle bikini's and tie bottoms or high leg bottoms. If you want to enhance your body,  we recommend to wear a basic bottom with a detailed top.

Rowan dress with v-neck line and details on upper part of the dress, split to accentuate feminine shapes.
Brianna Black_Lifestyle 2022.jpg
Brianna kaftan with details at the top, accentuate waistline with waistband.

The x shape or Hourglass shape 

The X shape is the other one of the two hourglass shaped bodies types 8 and X. The characteristics of a X shape are: shoulders and hips basically the same width and a narrow waist.  The X shape gradually goes from the narrowest part of the waist into the hips.  The X shape carries her weight on the bottom and the low hip/thigh area, where the 8 shape does at the high hip, just under the waist.  

Cancun Blush Paisley Bikini_F.jpg
The Gorda Triangle bikini to accentuate forms
Bel Air with plane high waisted bottom. Top with rond forms. Accent is on waist line.

Famous woman with an x shaped body 

Catherine Zeta Jones is a typical hourglass and a type X. You can see her body shape goes narrower in the waist line and then gradually goes into her hip rounding. Shoulders and hips have the same size. The X type can wear everything like the 8 type. Her body has feminine shapes and roundings. If you want to keep it clean wear a basic bottom with any top. If you want to accentuate the waistline and roundings go for triangle with details and prints.
Abundace top & skirt. Top with puff sleeves and flouncy skirt. Accent on waist line. Prints!
Gabby Paisley Blue_Lifestyle 2022.jpg
Gabby printed kaftan with long puffy sleeves and waistband. Accentuate whole body!

The I shape or Straight shape 

The I shape or straight shape is usually a tall beauty or a petite lady. With this shape you can do many things! This body type is athletic and could look a bit boyish! We like to add a feminine touch to this type such as ruffles or cute details, the I figure can pull that off. We might need to add some waistline to suggest more waistline and accentuate tall legs. We use dresses with waistlines and we add belts. In our beachwear we can use swimsuits with a waistband or add prints and shaping forms such as a high leg bottom. 

Moroco Red Bikini_F.jpg
The Morocco one-shoulder bikini with ruffles to ad a feminine touch
Panarea Sky Swimsuit_F.jpg
The Panarea swimsuit with an accent on the waistline to create more waist.

Famous woman with an I shaped body

Look at this amazing I shape woman, Kate Hudson. She is sporty yet feminine with her cute face and blonde hair. She is the petite type. You can see her waistline is straight with her hips and shoulders. You can also see that her hips are square. To this body type we can also add a lot of prints and details, as you can see here, a low rise bottom works for her to. We give you a few options below that will look stunning on you I type!

Stella Navy Jumpsuit_F.jpg
The Stella jumpsuit with extra waistline and accent on long legs
Chelsea Blush_Lifestyle 2022.jpg
The Chelsea short dress with waistline to create more body shape.

The V shape or inverted triangle 

The V shape can be defined by shoulders that are broader then her hips, usually the V shape has long legs and an undefined waist. We love tall legs so we know what to do with this body type! Add accents on the upper part of the body, define the waistline and show off those legs. Low waisted bikini bottoms look great on a V shape. Because of the broad shoulders we love to add feminine styles here as well. Such as details on the top like golden trims. If the buste is heavy we have beautiful supportive but sexy tops for our V shape girl!

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-01 om 15.12.19.png
The Brussels halterneck bikini with golden trim for a feminine look.
Gorda Navy Mazy Bikini_F_edited.jpg
The Gorda with golden trims for extra glamour.

Famous woman with an V shaped body 

One of the most adorable women in Hollywood with V shape body is Cameron Diaz. You can see her broad shoulders and smaller hips, her tall legs look amazing in this simple sporty white bikini. She looks like a surfer girl. Sporty styles really rock on a V shape but we can also go more feminine with details en add more shaping with some of our designs. Our maxi dress will look stunning on you!

Lara White_Lifestyle 2022.jpg
The shirred waist and v neckline define your silhouette.
Barrie Paisley Blush_Lifestyle 2022.jpg
The maxi length elongates your silhouette while its wrap design provides a flattering fit.
Schermafbeelding 2022-05-12 om 11.28.09.png

The A shape or pear shape 

The A shape or better known as the pear shaped body is is characterized by large hips which are wider than the bust and shoulders. The waist is narrow compared to the hips. For an A shaped body we can add details at the top and leave the bottom plain to draw more attention to the shoulders. Usually a Pear body has beautiful feminine hips. We like to advise to use either a plain bottom to draw attention away from the hips or a bottom with subtle feminine details to give your hips some extra attention. We like to show off those hips so we would recommend a bottom with golden trims!

Barcelona Green Bikini_F.jpg
The Barcelona bikini is perfect with its bandeau top to define the shoulders.
Maldives Yellow Bikini_F.jpg
The Maldives bikini has golden trims on the shoulders to add some glamour.

Famous woman with an A shape body

Who does not know her! Kirsten Davis from Sex in The City. Always well dressed and classy. She has a very clear A shaped body. Defined by her slender shoulders and neckline, she often wears cute tops with bows or prints. We would add lace details and ruffles to the top of an A shaped body. The off the shoulder neckline is perfect as well as puff sleeves. We keep it plain and simple. You can create more shape by wearing a triangle bikini with tie sides. The Alice dress with the off the shoulder neckline and delicate lace detailing on the sleeves. The Bandeau bikini is also a very good option, an A shaped body can easily pull off horizontal shapes.

Alice Black_Lifestyle-2022.jpg
The Alice short kaftan is drawing the attention to the shoulder line with the off shoulder top.
A maxi dress with a high waistline and ruffles on the shoulders will give you a feminine silhouette.
O-Body Shape Calculator.png

O Shape

The O shape or Apple shape 

Typical characteristics of the apple body shape are a large bust, narrow hips and a full midsection. This makes the body appear like an apple shape. Often, apples tend to have slender legs and flat bottoms. Very often the O shaped body has tall slender legs. We recommend to get the attention to the legs. We can add more waist with waistbands and on the upper body we recommend a simple design yet an apple can wear basically all types of bikinis and swimsuits. If you need to cover the belly we have perfect fold over bottoms to make a full coverage. 

The Bell Air bikini with high waisted bottom for support.
Chile Cheetah Swimsuit_F.jpg
The Chile swimsuit with coverage and adjustable hip ties.

Famous woman with an O shape body

Vivian Hoorn is a successful influencer, stylist and model. She is famous for embracing her feminine body curves. She looks amazing in every style. Being curvy is beautiful! And yes we think so to. We have many styles that enhance the curvy woman. The prints and colors will hug your curves. As Vivian shows in the picture above, she uses a statement top and a high waisted bottom to create more waistline. We recommend short dresses to show off your legs. We also recommend to get a statement top to accentuate your upper body. A maxi wrap dress will give you length and gives you a defined waistline.

Drew Pink Knit_Lifestyle 2022.jpg
The Drew Maxi kaftan for a fabulous look and waistband to create more waist.
Brandi Sky_Lifestyle 2022.jpg
The Brandy Sky dress to show off your legs.
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